Advantages of keratin treatment

Protects curly hair

women with curly hair getting keratin treatment done

If your hair are curly and you usually like to wear your hair straight, keratin treatment will be ideal for you. Also, your hair would not break as easily as they currently do when you’re styling – and you’d notice this. However, if you don’t want to lose your curl, keratin treatment would still make your hair far more manageable. 

Eliminates frizz

women with frizzy hair getting keratin in west palm beach area

Keratin treatment provides you with a plethora of hair-styling options, this is especially a great benefit if you live in an area that is hot. While keratin treatment is underway, some safe chemicals are applied on the hair, preventing frizzy texture and fly-away. If keratin treatment is professionally done, it may stretch up to 6 months. However, prior consultation is necessary to prevent damage and dryness from the hair products that would be used. 

Makes your hair stronger

women making her hair stronger with a keratin treatment

Through the application of keratin, it is ensured that the bonds present between the follicles and roots of your hair aren’t closed. This means that your hair will strongly tie to your roots, keeping your hair from being too limp or falling out. In fact, health of your hair will improve considerably and would probably grow at a quicker rate too. 

Protects your hair

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Since the application of keratin will ensure that your hair trends will be stronger, you would witness that your hair will better combat the harshness that comes from environmental pollutants. Keratin provides your hair with a shine that will be able to withstand dry, windy, and harsh weather. If you live in a region dominated by smog, keratin will ensure that your hair doesn’t become dull 

Reduces blow drying time

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If you don’t have enough time in the morning, keratin treatment will be handful. This is because the time that you usually take to blow-dry your hair will be significantly curbed. Your hair will remain silky and soft throughout the year. Plus, you wouldn’t have to supply heat to your hair on a regular basis.

Keratin Treatment


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This is a great example how Keratin Treatment works for you. You can see a beautiful silky hair and shiny hair here at hair by Imara we know what we are doing with this technique.  We use Keratin complex to achieve this look takes time and a skill stylist I have a long experience of doing our guest Keratin you also have to be careful how to apply this treatment you can change your clients hair color by mistake something you don't what to do. The great things about Keratin it eliminates frizzy hair and making your hair look very smooth, Keratin Complex has been award by stylist for 8 years in a row this is a great product if you have curly hair this is for you a great treatment  when you want to have this look its the way to go. It can also repair damage unhealthy hair what it does is that it strength your hair  by applying this technique. It also cuts down in blow-dry time which is great either at the salon or at your house a treatment like this could last anywhere from 3months to tops 5months. This treatment is a great solution to silky smooth hair no doubt about that also perhaps a night out around west palm beach, Perhaps you want to look stunning for that job interview or maybe for your significant other, or just for yourself as a great morale booster why not sometimes you have treat yourself you work to hard to not look like a million bucks. Call me here at hair by Imara for a free consultation ask any questions you want about this treatment I will always give you my honest opinion if this is the right treatment for your hair. Here our guest come first and we treat them like family this is not just any salon we truly care when you get up from my chair that the look you wanted comes out stunning and to your liking, So visit our site or call us will be here waiting to make you look beautiful!


Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair

Additional Information

Welcome at Hair By Imara where we specialize in leading keratin product in the the market, we only use the best quality Keratin that is healthy for your hair and for you here we are a bigger believer in healthy products. I have extensive experience in keratin as leading hair stylist in the downtown west palm beach area my standards are high for the treatments we deliver. A keratin treatment is a temporary straightening process that transforms frizzy, unruly hair into straight, shiny, healthy hair. Using a high-temp flat iron, the keratin treatment is infused into hair, sealing the cuticle and repairing damage. This way the hair becomes stronger, smoother and more manageable.People who use keratin on their hair report that their hair is smoother and easier to manage as a result. The effects vary greatly depending on whether your hair is healthy to begin with, what the natural thickness of your hair is, and what kind of keratin treatment you use. Keratin works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. The layers of cells, called the hair cuticle, theoretically absorb the keratin, resulting in hair that looks full and glossy. Keratin also claims to make curly hair less frizzy, easier to style, and straighter in appearance. While keratin treatments are temporary and wash out after a few months, straightening chemical relaxers are permanent. The two treatments also use different ingredients that produce different results. Using a main ingredient of sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, or guanidine hydroxide, chemical relaxers break and restructure the bonds in curly hair so that the hair becomes weaker and straight. Instead of altering the chemical composition of your hair, keratin treatments actually inject the porous parts of your hair with protein, so that it feels smoother. After a few months, this washes out. Some treatments may contain a solution that releases formaldehyde when exposed to heat (there are also many new formaldehyde-free options).

Keratin by Hair By Imara located West Palm Beach

Keratin Treatment

Bad hair day has become a fundamental nuisance in today’s generation. To mitigate this, keratin treatment is highly recommended, which ensures that your hair always stay in shape. At Hair by Imara, the expertise of our technicians, when combined with the potential of keratin treatment, promises frizz-free and tamable hair.