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Have you ever wondered why your hair color should always be done by a pro? Why box color can be bad for your precious strands and what the possible side effects may be? At hair by imara we can explain why, Come in for your free consultation with our top master hairstylist Imara she will go into details why box colors are the wrong choice for you.

We LOVE your hair and want it to always be happy and healthy! That’s why we want to alert you to the dangers that lurk on the shelves of your supermarket or drugstore. It’s called box color and it’s simply not your friend!  Once again these are some of the few things why putting  color by real professional is so important leave that up to us BOOK your transformation today! Check our gallery out and see how color should be applied the correct way don't settle for less, Hair damage is not worth it your hair is a big part of your appearance so come in and be a hair diva.

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Why do we strive to be the best hairstylist? The answer is simply because I love my job and making people look beautiful, For women I believe hair is a sense of empowering in all aspect of society. From a total make over to having a date or perhaps a job interview looking like a million bucks is my job. I always want my clients leaving happy and knowing I am the best at what I do for any client trusting a hair stylist with their hair is tuff and understandable that's why I always provide my best service no matter the service we are doing to that client we have pride on perfecting hair. To me doing hair is not just that is an art that not everyone could perfect theirs a lot of hairstylist out there that don't further their education when new styles come out this is where they go wrong there not only doing an injustice to the customer but also to them self as artist this is not the case with us here downtown west palm beach. When looking for a salon I always recommend Do your research. Look for someone in the speciality of what you want and your hair type. If you love getting your hair up and want it put up every other week, look for someone who specialises in that. For those who want a specific style, such as a balayage, I stress the importance of seeking out a specialist in the specific field.

pricing you always have a consultation " It will ensure there's no disappointment with the result. We also tell the client exactly how much it will cost on the day. I  explain that hairdressers should outline their standard price list and should be able to give you an idea of cost in the consultation. My prices are always fair we don't have to charge a crazy price like if you we were in hollywood a higher price doesn't mean a  better outcome its all in how good the stylist is and how creative he or she is.


I say that the best thing to do (although it may seem awkward) is to "explain to your hairdresser on the day. Then they can look at what they can do. Again, this comes back to a good consultation. If you do a consultation well, this shouldn't really happen. However, of course, you can do a colour or cut and it can come out exactly as you predicted, but that client simply doesn't like it on them. I do say that after a colour, the hair usually needs about two weeks to rest. Plus if it's a drastic change it can be a case of getting used to that change. It's very rare, but what I say is if the colour hasn't come out as we expected because I've done something wrong technically, I will obviously fix that free of charge. That should be the case with any client here at hair by Imara we truly care about you and  that you are happy.