Women with the money piece done with extra highlight in the front of face


What is a hair money piece?

The money piece is a term used to describe face-framing highlights in balayage that start at the root and continue to the ends of the hair. At our salon this is one of my favorite techniques I love doing, I specialize in this procedure type of balayage. They say money can't buy happiness, but an absolutely gorgeous money piece sure can. As I have master this look, I'm able to give my clients more bang for their buck, a look that's right on the money  you get the idea. Adding face framing pieces can instantly enhance your natural color.Everyone knows the best balayage includes a “money piece”—a beautiful, face-framing effect offering a pop of light and dimension. Like balayage itself, this beach-inspired color placement is supposed to mimic natural, kissed-by-the-sun brightness  Come book your look today with a master stylist the knows the new modern techniques in the industry in the west palm beach area don't settle for less be a HAIR DIVA!!!

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