Advantages of keratin treatment

Protects curly hair

women with curly hair getting keratin treatment done

If your hair are curly and you usually like to wear your hair straight, keratin treatment will be ideal for you. Also, your hair would not break as easily as they currently do when you’re styling – and you’d notice this. However, if you don’t want to lose your curl, keratin treatment would still make your hair far more manageable. 

Eliminates frizz

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Keratin treatment provides you with a plethora of hair-styling options, this is especially a great benefit if you live in an area that is hot. While keratin treatment is underway, some safe chemicals are applied on the hair, preventing frizzy texture and fly-away. If keratin treatment is professionally done, it may stretch up to 6 months. However, prior consultation is necessary to prevent damage and dryness from the hair products that would be used. 

Makes your hair stronger

women making her hair stronger with a keratin treatment

Through the application of keratin, it is ensured that the bonds present between the follicles and roots of your hair aren’t closed. This means that your hair will strongly tie to your roots, keeping your hair from being too limp or falling out. In fact, health of your hair will improve considerably and would probably grow at a quicker rate too. 

Protects your hair

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Since the application of keratin will ensure that your hair trends will be stronger, you would witness that your hair will better combat the harshness that comes from environmental pollutants. Keratin provides your hair with a shine that will be able to withstand dry, windy, and harsh weather. If you live in a region dominated by smog, keratin will ensure that your hair doesn’t become dull 

Reduces blow drying time

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If you don’t have enough time in the morning, keratin treatment will be handful. This is because the time that you usually take to blow-dry your hair will be significantly curbed. Your hair will remain silky and soft throughout the year. Plus, you wouldn’t have to supply heat to your hair on a regular basis.

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Keratin Treatment

Bad hair day has become a fundamental nuisance in today’s generation. To mitigate this, keratin treatment is highly recommended, which ensures that your hair always stay in shape. At Hair by Imara, the expertise of our technicians, when combined with the potential of keratin treatment, promises frizz-free and tamable hair.