Why go for hair extensions?

Enhances your hair appeal

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This is the foremost reason why a large number of women try hair extensions. In fact, hair extensions permit you to opt for hairstyles in accordance with the function or occasion that you may soon be attending. Besides, who want to grow and maintain long, healthy hair because it itself is a stressful proposition. Additionally, growing long hair doesn’t happen with empty pockets, entailing investments in a plethora of products for you to keep them maintained. Plus, it limits you from certain activities like basking under the son for long periods of time. However, hair extensions promise a better appearance on an immediate basis, simultaneously increasing your confidence level without you having to indulge in excessive efforts to maintain your long hair. 

Allows you to enjoy different styles

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Opting for hair extensions also allow you to enjoy a number of hairstyles that may not be possible with your existing hair. Since hair extensions allow your hair to appear longer, you may introduce them to a plethora of new styles. While short hair are handy, they curtail the ability of an individual to come up with a hairstyle for a special event. If you like the look and feel of your new long hair, it is recommended that you use keratin bond because it lasts for around 6 months. However, if you just want it for a far shorter time duration, choosing clip-in extension would be a better idea. This is appropriate for women who occasionally attend functions.

Helps you to get rid of hair issues easily

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Lastly, hair extensions enable you to completely eradicate the issue of split ends, something that haunts the women every now and then. At Hair by Imara, our experts ensure that the appearance of your hair is improved and split ends are concealed.


WHY hair by imara?

Affordable Hair Extensions

Hair by Imara promises to provide you with a customized hair extension service that not only fulfills your requirements but offer you a memorable experience that would turn you into one of our many esteemed clients. Located at the West Palm Beach, our qualified and trained experts go out of their way to ensure that you look better than you expect at an affordable price that is unlikely to set you back by much.

 Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions 


  • Confidence booster! A major benefit of hair extensions is that they can make you feel more feminine and attractive. 
  • Experiment with different hairstyles. From ponytails to top knots, and even changing your hair color,the possibilities are endless.
  • Easy maintenance.



 Hair extensions instantly make any hair style more beautiful and interesting. With the additional length, volume, and even pop of color to your hair, you can easily make any simple braid, bun, or ponytail more voluminous and intricate. You don’t even need to use your entire set to achieve greater body in your hair; only using a few wefts may be enough to add that length and volume you’ve been dreaming about be a HAIR DIVA at hair by Imara come see us in west palm beach location book today!!

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